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Your On-Premises Email Experts

We work behind the scenes to ensure your messages get from your datacenter to the inbox.

Our Services

Our ninjas are here to help you maximize your email results, every step of the way.

Deliverability Services

Reaching the inbox doesn’t just happen automatically. Our deliverability team is there to ensure your messages are compliant, your lists are clean, and that your sending reputation is stellar.

Operational Support

Is your team overburdened? Not specialized in email infrastructure? We’ll help from the shadows to ensure your platforms are current, performant, and available.

“We were having difficulty getting both our corporate and email marketing delivered, and knew by their reputation that EmailNinjas could help.  EmailNinjas very promptly diagnosed and addressed our issues, and in a highly professional manner.  I have no hesitation in recommending EmailNinjas to anyone needing assistance with email infrastructure or email deliverability.”

Phillip Merrick

CEO, Fugue

Platform Selection

Is your current email infrastructure just not cutting it? We’ll review your current environment, help you select a new platform, and get it up and running for you.

“We were facing EoL for our current Momentum install and needed a better understanding of our environment and how to consolidate it, so we approached EmailNinjas for help. The EmailNinjas team audited our systems and provided a detailed report documenting our cluster, our policy scripts, and our environment. EmailNinjas detailed how to consolidate our disparate systems down to a single cluster to save time and resources. Their continued support after the delivery of the audit made it easy to implement their recommendations. I would recommend EmailNinjas to anyone trying to take control of their sending.”

Cliff Seltzer

President, PureSend

Upgrades & Migrations

Is your current platform running behind by a few versions? Do you need new hardware? We can help upgrade your systems and migrate them to new hardware to help you maximize your sending results!

“EmailNinjas has been invaluable in helping us build out our Adobe Campaign email connector and provide the ability to send out millions of emails on behalf of our clients.  mPulse thrives because of our ability to be an omnichannel solution that integrates with our customers how they want. Their knowledge of Sparkpost/Momentum and deep technical expertise made this integration possible.”

Josh Levitan

Director of Product Management, mPulse Mobile


Your dojo or ours, we’ll train your team to master the email ninja arts. Training is available for best practices, Momentum and PowerMTA administration.


We review every aspect of your on-prem sending to ensure your strategy, reputation, and infrastructure are tuned for success.

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